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Ria InfoTech: 4 helpful tips for buying used electronics

Finding used electronics at a cheap price can be a once-in-a-blue-moon kind of deal. Since technology is constantly evolving, more people are selling their old devices to get their hands on the newest products on the market. You can often purchase two-year-old Macbooks and iPhones for half of their original price.

Unfortunately, buying used electronics doesn’t always go smoothly. Most buyers end up with a defective product that’s almost impossible to fix, or the item has no valid warranty.

The good news is, you can avoid wasting your hard-earned money when buying second hand electronics and get your money’s worth. Here are some tips you should keep in mind:

Check the condition

Before buying a used electronic device, make sure that you check its condition first. Aside from the dents and scratches, you need to pay attention to its significant parts. Remember that some owners may have dropped their devices multiple times, so tread carefully!

First, you need to check if the ports are working properly such as the HDMI, ethernet and USB, depending on the device. Ensure that they are not damaged, burnt or broken.

You also need to check if the power cords are still intact. They should not be frayed to guarantee that the device is in good condition. Examine if the batteries are not misshapen, cracked or bulging to prevent a fire hazard.

Find a reputable seller

Just like any other item, you need to find a reputable seller if you want to purchase high-quality used products. Do your research and do a background check if you don’t know the seller. If they have an online retail store, it’s best to read some reviews first to verify if they are trustworthy.

Moreover, make sure that they want to meet you personally to discuss the product. However, if they refuse to do this, it may be a sign for you to find another seller.

Keep the paperwork

Once you’ve bought a used electronic device, keep all the receipts and paperwork you received. If the device becomes defective, these papers will serve as your valid warrant to receive a repair or replacement. The receipts will also serve as your proof that you bought it, along with the exact date of purchase.

Be mindful of the device’s smell

One of the best ways to determine if a used electronic device is in good shape is by checking its smell. If you sense a tangy and pungent scent, it’s a good sign that the electronic device has been burnt. Even if it still turns on and works decently, an important component inside may have been damaged already.

Moreover, if a device smells slightly sour or smoky, it’s a sign that it’s been recovered after a fire or became a home for cockroaches.